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Get the Coolwag Mobile App

Yes, even Coolwag has an Mobile App.

How to get the App:

Search for Petexec Mobile, download and install. Use your existing username and password.

Below are a list of what you can do with these cool features:

1. Curbside Drop Off & Pick Up:

Tell us when you are coming and we can get your doggy (or cat) ready for faster pick ups. Running late, stuck in traffic or just darn acting like a lazy cat? You can even tell us your estimate time of arrival. No more waiting in line while the picking up.

2. Book Daycare, Boarding or Bathes and Grooming Reservations:

Set up your departures and arrival dates and drop off / pick up time. Plans changed? Make the changes on the app. Easier than Expedia!

3. Communications:

Send and review all communications with Coolwag; reminder texts, billing emails or any special requests.

4. Modify account data:

Review and modify owner and pet information. Even add a new pet to the Coolwag system.

5. Upload Files, view Contracts :

Great for new vet vaccination records or Coolwag Contracts. No more paper!

6. Pay Coolwag and review purchase history:

Yes, we like getting paid, so we are trying to make it easy on you. Or review your billing history.

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