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The story of Buddy the Rescue

Last year during the sub-zero temperature storm, Buddy was pushed out of a truck on Highway 62 in Garfield AR in front of Heather's folks place.

Steve and Susan Davisson saw the drop off and tried to comfort Buddy and bring him inside. However, Buddy did not trust anyone and stayed outside.

It was getting dark, so Steve and Susan placed food and water out for him and went to bed. The next morning, Buddy was on the porch laying on a wicker sofa. The food was gone and the water was frozen.

For every step they took forward to approach him, Buddy would take 2 steps back and circled them.

Buddy was in rough shape. Susan spotted cuts and scratches on his shoulder and chest as if he was in a fight with another animal. And his ears were clearly all cut up. More distressing was his face. There were bloody pockmarks all over his muzzle, cheek and ears. It appeared to be buckshot from a shotgun.

Buddy continued to walk away every time someone approached, not running away, but just keeping a 10 foot distance.

It took a month and a half before Susan and Buddy would officially meet. Buddy was satisfied there was no threat here.

Susan noticed most of the wounds healed on their own, but plenty of scars. If you look close, the scars and pockmarks are still visible today.

So fast forward a year from when Buddy was dropped off - he is still cautious, but curious and approaches anyone. He will bow in front of you and slowly come up to sniff you. If you get too friendly, he backs away.

Steve and Susan run Perrenials Etc. and customers come in with the kids and their dogs. Steve and Susan would observe Buddy with all these new interactions to make sure nothing went sideways.

Buddy especially likes kids and he is OK with other dogs. He would make an introduction, sniff, allow a couple pets on the back, walk away and go about his business.

To this day, Buddy's bed is still on that wicker sofa with a few blankets. Astonishingly, Buddy will still not enter the house. He will be forever an outdoor dog just the way he likes it.

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