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Fetch is the foundation of all the CoolWag Dog Sports.  Many folks may think all dogs know how to Fetch.  Nope, it is taught at CoolWag.  We teach how to develop that retrieve drive, how to bring the ball or toy back and drop it at our feet, then sit before the next toss.  We train parents too.  It's easy and lots of fun for you and your dog.


For those dogs who have a passion for retrieving, jumping and swimming, one of the fastest growing dog sports is Diving Dogs.  Trained to dive for Distance, Height, and Speed.  Titles are earned through North American Diving Dogs (NADD) and recognized through the American Kennel Club (AKC).  The CoolWag dive distance record is 26' 0" by a Border Collie named Rainey.


Dog Football League where the Big Dogs get off the porch and compete for Super Dog Bowl.  These dogs bring attitude and serious leaping and catching skills. Our film crew captures all the action and dog handler referees make sure emotions are in check and the game stays in control.


Flying discs is a great sport for agile runners who love to catch. Whether you want to compete or be the champion in your backyard, toss and catch for style and distance...extra points for a flying midair catch.


Coming soon in early 2021.  Dogs race against a clock through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, seesaws, weave poles and more.


What do dogs like to do the most?  Run and chase things.  Sight and speed to chase a mechanical lure.


Using the dogs natural instinct of vermin hunters, dogs locate rats who are safely enclosed in aerated tubes.


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