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How It All Began

We are dog lovers...just like you!

We couldn't find a place to leave our VERY active German Shorthaired Pointer when we took an unexpected trip. After visiting the other facilities in town, we decided that NorthWest Arkansas needed a new type of facility. One with an open play environment, lots of indoor & outdoor space including lots of human involvement and dog sports! So we started planning and haven't stopped innovating and building since that day!

We are locally owned and operated and in business since 2015. At CoolWag your dog can roam and play on our five acre property and not locked up in a cage.

We believe your pet needs to be in a stress free environment with exercise & love to help promote that.  We separate dogs by size, age and personality and give them a place to run and play or relax on comfy couches and furniture...just like home. We let all breeds into group-play as long as they get along with people and other dogs.

We accept dogs that have not been spayed or neutered, however if your female dog goes into Heat, we will contact you and give you the option of picking up your dog or allowing us to take your dog to our offsite location at an additional fee.

We always have staff at the Coolwag facility, even at night every day of the year! At night, it's either a Slumber Party where our guests curl up around us and when the lights go out, they know it's time to sleep or if your dog is used to sleeping in a crate or needs that cave environment with individual or family-sized dens with beds. 

In addition, we are dog trainers. We love to train new puppies and their parents. We use Positive Reinforcement training modeled around Ian Dunbar, legendary veterinarian, animal behaviorist and dog trainer. Our end goal is for your dog to look to you for guidance on everything, to be socialized to handle all sorts of dog interactions and enable you to confidently walk your dog in the park or the Downtown Square with hundreds of people.

Sport Training - dogs love to have fun, run and play fetch. However, not all dogs have the instinct and need to be taught how to play fetch, catch a Frisbee, play dog football or dive off a dock.

We can easily add a bath to get your pup nice and clean but if you want to add spa services from a professional groomer, Crystal sPAWs provides full service grooms and spa services. (See booking link below).

Your pet safety and security is paramount to us.  Our staff have canine certifications with IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association) and our management is PetTech CPR and First Aid trained.  We have full surveillance of the facility and require everyone to be current on all their vaccines.  We know you will miss your baby, so we provide you with updates and posts on Facebook and Instagram (there is sometimes a lag on very busy holidays). You are always free to call us as well.

Check out social media for cool dog pictures.

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