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CoolWag still offers basic baths but for a full service haircut or professional bath and dry or a spa service, CoolWag provides transportation to/from Crystal sPAWs with an appointment at sPAWs. Crystal sPAWs is a little over a mile away from CoolWag.

To sign up for transportation services, make sure to select the free add-on that lets us know you need it! 

Crystal sPAWs: Welcome

Traditional Grooming or Spa Services

Crystal sPAWs is a premier grooming salon offering both traditional grooming services as well as a true Spa-experience for your pet with Thera-Clean micro bubble baths producing "under-the-skin-clean" as well as laser therapy speeding healing and helping with inflammation.

We provide a low-stress environment for our human clients, fur clients, and staff. We have state-of-the-art grooming tubs and tables that lower to less than a foot off the ground, allowing our pups to walk into their tub and our staff not to have to lift them. Two wins in one. This keeps everyone's stress level down and aches and pains to a minimum! 

We use bather boxes so the right mixture of product + water is gently sprayed to the skin, getting your pup squeaky clean and their fur perfectly conditioned. 

And most importantly, our groomers are amazing. Our head groomer has been grooming pups full time for over 30 years. She loves them and they can tell. We pay for our groomers to go to at least one continuing education seminar a year so that they can keep up with the latest techniques and products. This benefits us, them, you, and your pup!

Customer service is our top priority. Give us a call or request an appointment. We can't wait to serve you and your pup!



STE 175



Directions Hint: Google maps gets you all most there; but instead of taking Alpha off of John Deshields BLVD, take Legacy PKWY and it will be the first right off of Legacy and the first door in the parking lot in the Crystal Flats Development!

Crystal sPAWs: Our Services


The Works Grooming: Haircut or "Fancy" Bath

Our haircuts and non-haircut grooms are full service. Bath, brush, dry, nails clipped and ears cleaned, and if requested we will pluck the ear hair and/or express the surface anal glands. 

If your pup needs a little extra comfort on the table, We will help them with positive reinforcement "training" to get them to associate their grooming experience with good things and we also have CBD available which can. help them calm down a little as well.

Also, sometimes a Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Bath spa add-on or laser session can relax them so that they are more open to the whole grooming experience. It also gives them a little more time with us to get used to us. 


1401 NE John Deshields BLVD

STE 175

Bentonville AR 72712

P: 479-448-4010

It is in Crystal Flats!

Google gets you most of the way there but once on John Deshields, do not take Alpha, instead take Legacy PKWY and it will be your FIRST RIGHT into a parking lot. Go right when you enter the parking lot (before the construction). We are the first door on the right!

1401 NE John DeShields BLVD

STE 175

Bentonville AR 72712

f: 479-250-1880

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Crystal sPAWs: Contact
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