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What do we mean by Butterfly and Bookworm?  Butterflies do well in social settings with a group (up to 14) other dogs. Bookworms don't but are wonderful dogs just the same. In fact, every manager at CoolWag has at least one Bookworm as of 5/29/2022 (the day this is being written).

We designed the Bookworm offerings so that we could give them an amazing experience, even though they can't safely play with the group. Because it requires more one-one time with our trainers and handlers, it does cost more but the pups will have fun and get a lot out of the stay. Even the parents of some of our butterflies choose to add an enrichment to all or some of their pups' days (typically only available if scheduled at least 48 hours in advance).



We've been providing this service since we opened in 2015. It includes multiple group play sessions throughout the day with rest breaks in either in a doggy den or in the yard. Substitution enrichments can be purchased or added using paw points.


If your dog is a "Bookworm" they will get to participate in at least two enrichment activities per day during their stay. Our staff will select the enrichments based on the weather, your dog's drive and their "interests".


If your pup needs special care, we have a solution for you.

  • Elderly

  • Very young (need potty training)

  • Recovering from an injury

  • Need medication after our day-time hours

  • Anxiety or Fear requiring extra attention from lots of humans throughout the day 

Our "Special Care" boarding will meet your needs.

Butterfly or Bookworm: Our Services
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