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These are some of the enrichments that we provide. We choose them based on what your pup likes to do, the season/weather and availability.


If they can do small group play (one or two other pups). This is a great way for some Bookworms to socialize without getting too overly-excited or overwhelmed. Many of our Bookworms love playing with a friend or two, it's the higher number that just doesn't work. We love to see them have fun and small group play is a great way to give them that interaction.

Golden Dog


If not restricted due to ailment or age, most of our Bookworms love the treadmill once they get the hang of it. We train them to use it and then they get to safely burn off a lot of energy. It's especially great on rainy days!

Brown Dogs


We teach them to track down a scent. We start with treats in cardboard boxes and increase the skill with other scents...rewarding them as they get better and better! We also have a Barnhunt-type of course that they can hunt for rodents (safely hidden in safe containers).

Two French Bulldogs


This is another great energy burner. First we get their drive up by introducing them to a white plastic bag on a whip.. we play with them like a cat with a toy on a stick to get them excited. When they get it, we say "good dog!".  Once they get excited, we take them to the Lure Chase where they chase a bag on a rope and motorized pulley system. They love it!

Three French Bullgod Puppies


If the weather is right, we take them to the pool to either learn to swim, learn to jump, or just swim around. it's a great way for them to cool off and burn off that energy and they love it!

Golden Dog


Even if they don't know how to fetch, we work toward that goal. From getting it, bringing it and finally dropping it. It's a great exercise and helps to build confidence, obedience, and a great bond. (Energy burner, too!)

Brown Dogs


We have a full set of competition agility equipment. We take your pup out on a leash and work with them on a single piece of equipment. We don't just make them start doing it.. we start low and slow and go at their pace. If they are interested but don't quite "get it".. that's ok. We make the most of it and let them build up the courage. We use positive reinforcement to get them excited about it so whether they succeed or not, they will have fun because at a minimum they will get a treat for just looking at the equipment!


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Dog Walk

Tire Jump


See Saw (advanced)

Weave Poles (advanced)

It's very mentally stimulating as well as an energy burner. 

Three French Bullgod Puppies


Some dogs just love snapping at bubbles. We have dog-safe flavored bubbles. They can chase and snap at them for hours!  After a bubble session, we relax with them over a tasty cookie/biscuit.

Two French Bulldogs


It so much fun loading a puzzle up for a pup and letting them loose to start figuring out how to get those treats!  Knock over this, slide that, flip open that... sometimes we help them a little but once they figure it out, they win and we move on to a more difficult puzzle. This is mentally stimulating and entertaining and a real confidence booster!

Beagle Puppy
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