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We understand that the number one reason dogs end up in shelters is due to not being properly trained. Additionally, many adoptions aren't successful due to several reasons which we believe we can help with through training and support.

CoolWag Rescue Non Profit is a 501(c)3 organization who's misson is to support new owners, their new pup and the rescues and shelters that do the difficult work of caring for these pups and helping to find good homes for them.

Bring in your adoption papers which show that you've adopted from a local shelter or rescue within the last 30 days and we will get you into the program that best suits you. 

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Complementary or Reduced-Rate Training Services provided by caring and experienced professional certified trainers. (Classes/Sessions with the dog are discounted within 7 days of adoption with proof of adoption).

it's better if you can attend our Human group class before you adopt but you are welcome to attend after. No dogs attend this class. We can help you prepare with the info and exercises to make the homecoming of your new pup as smooth as possible.

Group Classes are offered at a reduced rate to cover the costs of the equipment you are given. The trainer is donating their time so tips are appreciated but not required. As soon as you are ready to adopt, sign up for a group class. If the class is too far into the future, you have already adopted and you need it NOW!, Sign up for a reduced-rate/private lesson or give us a call and maybe we can help over the phone/video call.



If you are having a difficult time and just need someone to talk to that can give you good, solid advice over the phone or a video call, we are here!

Our phones are usually so busy and we sometimes can't get to it in time and even when we can, we have a client in front of us that we must help. We want to make sure that we answer your call during a time when we are available to give you our full attention. Due to this, if you can email us at and be sure to include the following:
1. Rescue or shelter from where you adopted.
2. Adoption date
3. Dog's name
4. Dog's breed (or best guess)
5. Dog's age (or best guess)
6. Number one issue you are having.
7. Your name
8. Your phone number.
We will call you as soon as we can.

Cute Pug


Need to borrow a crate? Chew toy/Kong? Training leash?

We have some equipment that we can lend until you can secure your own equipment or until your dog grows to it's adult size, avoiding the problem of having to buy multiple sizes, etc.

We also have dog tags that we can provide. We recommend embedding a chip as well as the dog tag if the rescue/shelter didn't do it and if they did, make sure you change the registration information to yours.. The chip won't fall off so if your pup gets lost and their collar w/tag falls off, the chip can be read which will let people know where to find you. The tag is great to let people that may try to help learn how to contact you without having to go to a vet or shelter to get the chip read. Having both is best.  

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