Cage-Free and comforted by a Human all the time.  Staffed 24x7.  



The Best for Your Dog, Cat or even your Gerbil.  It's a Slumber Party Every Night.

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first Boarding experience, or one of many, their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

Coolwag is a dog's dream come true. With all hotel stays, your baby will have their own vacation. We don't "count" the number of times they aren't in their cage....they are in a play group enjoying the outdoors; running around, playing with other dogs and our trained and loving attendant, swimming or just taking a nap in the shade.  

At night, most dogs like the Slumber Party where the dogs curl up around our night staff.  Others prefer a single or family den for alone time, based on their needs and your directions. And when the lights go out, they know it's time to sleep so there is very little barking and it's virtually stress-free for the dogs.

Standard Dens are 20-50 square feet and include indoor and outdoor group-play, administering meals, administering medicine, treats (if dog parent approves) and lots and lots of love and exercise. If group-play is too much excitement, other enrichments are available and will be offered such as swimming, fetch, puzzle games, dock diving, agility (coming soon), lure chase (coming soon), barn hunt/scent work (coming soon).

We do not accept female dogs in heat for boarding, however sometimes their cycle happens while they are here. We need to remove them from the facility, so we have two options; 1. For an additional fee, they can stay at one of our offsite locations or 2. You can pick up your doggy.

Dog: Single Occupancy:

$53 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm)

$22 daycare charge (if picked up after 1pm)

Dog: Double Occupancy:

$87 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm

$22 x 2 daycare charge (if picked up after 1pm)

Dog: Triple Occupancy:  

$121 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm)

$22 x 3 daycare charge (if picked up after 1pm)

Cat or other Pet: 

Single Occupancy:  $27 per night.

Cat or other Pet:  Double Occupancy:  $37 per night.

Cat or other Pet:  Triple Occupancy: $47 per night.

The more your dog stays with CoolWag, the more Paw Points are earned.  This is our Loyalty Program where you qualify for Dog Enrichments like one on one time or time to play in any of the CoolWag sports.