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Comforted by a Human all the time,  Staffed 24x7


The Best for Your Dog, Cat or even your Gerbil.  It's a Slumber Party Every Night. Well, not for the Gerbil or Cat!!!

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first Boarding experience, or one of many, their wellbeing is central to everything we do.

CoolWag is a dog's dream come true. With all hotel stays, your pup will have their own vacation.


Every night is different. Some dogs like to curl up on the couch with our human and enjoy the Slumber Party. Others prefer a single or family den for alone time and others are used to a crate at night. No two nights are the same because we have different guests with different friends present. But rest assured, by night time they are so tired from playing and learning that they are ready for bed, wherever they do best!

Standard Dens are 20-50 square feet and include enrichments (social butterflies are automatically in the group play enrichment), administering meals, administering medicine**, treats (if dog parent approves) and lots and lots of love and exercise. If group-play is too much excitement, we have other offerings that include enrichments such as leash walking, treadmill time, swimming, fetch, puzzle games, dock diving, agility fun, lure chase, barn hunt/scent work (coming soon).  **If meds are injectable AND/OR need to be administered outside of the hours of 6:30am-6:30pm, they must be signed up for "special care" boarding.

*Pups will be fed individually in a den or crate for their safety. This allows us to monitor how much they eat and keep them safe from any resource guarding which could arise in a new environment. It also keeps dogs from eating each other's food. Let us know if this is a concern as we most likely can work out something that works for your pup.

We do not accept female dogs in heat for boarding, however sometimes their cycle happens while they are here. If this happens, we need to remove them from the facility immediately, so we have two options:

1. For an additional fee, they can stay at one of our offsite locations or 

2. You can pick up your doggy

Remember to pack your dogs food in individual bags-one per MEAL/per DOG (or we can split a can etc. or store raw, etc.).  Go to our mobile app or portal to update any feeding or medication information and to upload their latest vaccination records. If they haven't been with us for the last six months, please schedule a temperament test as if they were new to us using this scheduling app. This allows us ample time to help them get used to us again. To be clear, it will be charged as a temperament test day but they will get extra time and attention to make sure they acclimate at their pace.

Non Holiday Rates (Holiday rates are and additional $5.00 per dog per night. Holidays are during the first night of a school-based holiday through the last night of the holiday during Spring Break, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Winter/Christmas/New Years). Holiday Calendar can be accessed here: Bentonville School Calendar


All prices are subject to sales tax. Includes group play or other enrichments until 12:30pm on the day of pickup. If pickup is after 12:30pm, a 1/2 day daycare fee will be assessed. Holiday rate is an additional $5/dog/night.

Butterfly: Hotel Stay (Group Play)

All dogs approved for group play for this offering and includes one enrichment: group play enrichment.

Rate: $63/night

For butterflies, each additional dog from the same household is 15% off.

Bookworm: Hotel Stay

Dogs that are human friendly but not approved for group play can still stay with us and get their needs met while having a fun time! Each dog will get two enrichments per day based on the season and their interests/needs. 

Rate: $83/night

There are no multi-dog discounts for this offering.

Special Care: Hotel Stay

If your pup need special care due to age (very old or a puppy who needs frequent potty breaks), this is the offering for them. If they enjoy and can be in the group play enrichment, they will get that plus the care that they need. We can administer injectable medications. For our blind or deaf pups, we offer a quiet resting area with little distractions but a lot of human interaction (special office space). For very young puppies we give them frequent potty breaks, etc. Please let us know what the special need is. 

Orthopedic Dog Bed Provided for each dog.

Rate: $83/night

There are no multi-dog discounts for this offering.

Cat or other Pet

For small animals in a cage, the price per cage will be at the Single rate; regardless of the number of pets in each cage. 

Rate: $30/night

Each additional cat from the same household is 50% off.

For more information about what it means to be a butterfly or a bookworm, please click here.

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