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Training, Birthday Parties & Sports!

For Daycare and Boarding: Any dog that has not been to our facility within the last six months, must schedule it as a "temp test meet and greet" as if they are a new guest. This gives us the chance to reevaluate them with their friends and make sure there hasn't been any significant changes that we would need to know about. We want to ensure that we have the time needed to do a reclamation and are prepared to give them what they need when they are with us. It's for them.



We are a training facility. Just because they get to have fun at recess, doesn't mean they don't get to learn a little, too!  We practice recall, sit, and patience through a stable sit. All POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!


image of dog getting a bath at DuckDuckG

We love them and we're right there with them at night!  Whether they are in a doggy den or out in the couches for a slumber party, there is always a trained dog lover watching over and keeping them company.



We are a positive-reinforcement facility. It's easier when the dog WANTS to do what you want. We offer Group and Private Training as well as an academy with Puppy Pre-K, Day School and Board & Train options for puppies as well as older dogs.

We teach humans how to speak dog and dogs how to get rewards through fun games-based training activities. We also offer help with trickier situations through behavior modification therapy.. communication-based.

That's why we have to teach our humans how to speak dog!!!



​At CoolWag we offer our daycare and boarding clients baths given about an hour or two before they go home (so they get maximum play time). You can add a bath and/or nail trim at the end of your board or daycare day.

If you need a professional bath or a bath with a haircut or nails that may be difficult or extra long or maybe a spa service, You can also have us bring them to our full service grooming company: Crystal sPAWs.

Crystal sPAWS is a CoolWag company offering full-service grooming/haircuts and spa services. Click on the button below to schedule a service with sPAWs!



After an initial training session in the pool, rent the pool to practice distance, air retrieve, hydro dash, or just swimming or getting used to the water.


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Your pet’s happiness is our number one priority and their birthday is coming up.  Why not celebrate with friends and games and treats.  $100   Please book a few days in advance.



We pick it up all day long in our facility and we've gotten so good at spotting a pile of poo no matter small or large that we see it in our sleep... ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration!   Call us and set up an appointment and we'll pick it up for you, too!

Arkansas ticks, chiggers, and fleas..  yuck. Worse is that ticks carry different diseases that can harm your family and your pets. 

We have a pesticide-free solution that we use at our facility which we can bring your your lawn. 



Currently offered to Crystal Flats' residents only. If you need someone to pop in to walk your dog while you are at work, you're in luck!  We can take them out for a quick potty break or give them a more lengthy walk to get a little exercise and mental stimulation. We practice loose-leash walking with a slip lead. We also require a well-fitting harness and leash for safety (we like to always have a back-up!) We will provide the slip lead, you supply the leash and harness. 

So... not only will they get a little walk and a potty break, but they will get a little training and a walker that LOVES DOGS!

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