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What is a Temperament Test Meet and Greet?



First, you must create an account on our Portal, then you will schedule a Temperament Test Meet and Greet (Temp Test). If you have already created an account, as early as 2015, please do not create a duplicate, it will still work but if your dog hasn't been with us for over six months, we will want to see them again as a newbie before they just come for daycare or a hotel stay.

A Temp Test is required before a first day of daycare or a first hotel stay, and also for a dog that hasn't been to CoolWag within the last six months (this is for them.. for their health and well-being). We are not currently charging for new dogs but we still charge daycare rates for dogs that have not been with us in a while. 

Temp Tests should be scheduled 48 hours in advance and take time (4 hours) and require one-on-one human attention. Because of this, we can only do a few a day and the schedule fills up. It can be a week or two (or more) before we can get your dog in so please plan in advance!

You will see the options are M-Th at 9,10,11,12 (if they haven't already been booked).

Because it's planned for 4 hours, please pick up 4 hours from your slated drop-off time:





(don't be surprised if there are a few additional spots; we may add extra times prior to very busy holidays... the extra slots mean we have staffed an additional trainer to accommodate more new guests than usual).

We are pretty busy in the lobby before 9 and after 4:15 so please come on time so that we can give you a good report!


At their own pace.

You will arrive with your pup at the scheduled time and leave them with us until the scheduled pick-up time. Our lobby staff will bring you pup back to our Pup's Paradise building where one of our seasoned managers will oversee the entire process. Some dogs bond and respond instantly while others need a little one-on-one time to learn that the human is nice and trustworthy. Cuddles, pets, sit-n-treat, and even a leash walk to help gain that trust. 

Once they are comfortable with the human, we introduce them to one of the non-reactive (disinterested) dogs from the group in which we suspect they will do well. Once they show their curiosity and normalize with that dog, we bring in another dog who is a little more interested in being friends. Once the small group of three are in sync, we bring them back to the larger group and watch closely to make sure all is ok. 

The reason why we bring all three in is that now our new dog doesn't feel like they are singled out and getting all the attention.. they are one of three that the group is interested in so they aren't overwhelmed. 

If they show signs of stress, beyond the normal meeting-a-new-friend-for-the-first-time, we bring them back out, give them a little break and start all over again. We go at their own pace.

At the scheduled pick-up time, we will let you know how they did and if we recommend additional daycare days prior to boarding. 

If your pup struggles with being in a yard, we do offer training services which can help in many cases; although daycare and a group-play environment isn't for all dogs.