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Redeem it for a new "thing" every month. See the schedule before for what it's "good for" other than saving in your favorite coin collection!  We give them out at our Events, watch our email or social to see what we are planning.   

It is 10 gauge, about the size of a half dollar and made of brilliant golden brass with a rich antique look.  It features Lambo the Cane Corso, one of our top CoolWag mascots, on a mountain top in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado.  Carved out of granite at an elevation of 13,480 feet and being circled by a plane.  On the reverse side is a Wolf paw print. Cash value: $0



I can't believe it's April already!!!

Crystal sPAWs: 25% any one item in the store!

CoolWag: Go to Crystal sPAWs! There is cool Stuff there and you get 25% off any one item in the store! 


April flowers bring May showers... And Dock Diving!!!

CoolWag: Sign up for for an Initial Dock Diving lesson by going to and selecting Dock Diving. Either NADD Pool: First Timer OR NADD Dock/Pool Rental. 

Put COIN23 in the coupon field to schedule it and make sure to drop off the coin in the lobby before you enter!

Crystal sPAWs: Free bag of Ziwi Treats with any "The Works" service. Yum Yum


Ziwi 1lb or 2.2lb Bag of Food: Buy One get One 1/2 off!  



It's Summer Time!! Let the vacations begin. We can give them to your pups as treats when they spend their vacation with us!

Crystal sPAWs: Free 10 Pack of Yack Puffs (Pre-puffed or not) with any "The Works" Service or another raw bar item.


Ziwi 1lb or 2.2lb Bag of Food: Buy One get One 1/2 off!  

CoolWag:  Take your receipt (dated no more than 10 days) and Coin to CS for a Free Raw Bar Item with any Obedience Training, Sports Rental/Training or Overnight stay or Daycare Day! *A Few Exclusions Apply

*Extra Large Yack Milk Cheese Chews * Extra large Bullies

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