Redeem it at either CoolWag or Crystal sPAWs--one coin per redemption. See the schedule before for what it's "good for" other than saving in your favorite coin collection!  We give them out at our Events, watch our email or social to see what we are planning.   

It is 10 gauge, about the size of a half dollar and made of brilliant golden brass with a rich antique look.  It features Lambo the Cane Corso, one of our top CoolWag mascots, on a mountain top in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Colorado.  Carved out of granite at an elevation of 13,480 feet and being circled by a plane.  On the reverse side is a Wolf paw print. Cash value: $0



The entire month of November

Crystal sPAWs: 10% off your order, applied to products only... no exclusions. Our prices are comparable to the Internet, so don't let our fancy shop scare you off!

CoolWag: Complimentary Bath at the end of your hotel stay or daycare. Please make sure to schedule it in advance!



Merry Christmas. Promos for December include...Crystal sPAWs: 1/2 Price off ONE toy of your choice. Merry Christmas, Rover! 

CoolWag: Taking the month off due to how busy we are getting ready for and managing our Christmas boarding schedule. 

Cute Pug


Ring in the New Year

Crystal sPAWs: Complimentary upgrade to a Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Bath with any "The Works" service. Clean below the skin... so good for them and so nice for you!

CoolWag: Free Temperament Test! We charge for the first-day evaluation and acclimation but if you choose to redeem your coin at CoolWag, we will waive that fee!  Email us at for the secrete code so that you can schedule it without paying!

Dalmatian Dog


Posted in December!