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Fancy baths, de-shedding and nail trimming


We are proud of our baths. 2019 was the year of change when it comes to our baths.  We have invested in some new gadgets that get the pups so sparkly clean we've heard reports that they smelled good for over a week 

To schedule a bath or nail trim with CoolWag during a hotel stay or at the end of a day of daycare, make sure to either request it at the time of booking (ideal) or if you mention it at drop off, we will do our best to put it into the system.

Haircuts are now available through Crystal sPAWs.

To request a haircut at the end or a hotel stay, we can transport your pup to Crystal sPAWs which is about a mile away. Please schedule the haircut using the button below so that they know to expect your pup and schedule a complimentary transport when you schedule your hotel or daycare stay.

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