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We get so many last-minute reservations for hotel stays during the busy times:

Spring Break




To save yourself the hassle of a last-minute scramble, plan ahead and book your reservations. You can get the temperament test meet and greet done and then relax while everyone else is trying to get that last spot (within 6 months of your stay although we recommend bringing your dog at least once a month and prefer once a week so that they are used to us).

So we try to fit as many as we can by bringing in extra staff and adjusting for more new dogs but we can't take too many or our internal procedures can't be followed. These procedures have been developed over the last eight years and we've learned that if they when they are followed things tend to go so much more smoothly.

If you find yourself looking for a temperament test spot before your trip and none are available, here is what you do:

Complete the form below so that we can look at the schedule and see if we can fit you in.

We will respond by the next business day to let you know if we can and to go ahead and schedule the temp test. You will have 24 hours to follow the steps below or your spot may be given away:

1. Make sure you complete all the steps on the Reservations under "New to CoolWag" section. Including the New Registration on our Management Platform where you can: Upload or Email the vaccination records, Upload a picture of your Dog. AND THEN Schedule the Temp Test.

3. Because the Temp Test can only be scheduled after your trip starts, go ahead and schedule it for the earliest time that the system will allow it and then...

4. Email us at and let us know that you have scheduled your temp test.

5. We will then move it to a slot that we have reserved for you that is before your trip starts. We love being flexible but at this point, there really aren't many spots open so you need to make yourself available (it's just a drop off and pick up time, you don't have to stay).

Make sure you do steps 1-5 BEFORE the 24 hours. If it is more than 24 hours, someone else may get the spot.

Once you are in this system/process, we will hold your reservation in a wait list. As long as your dog isn't aggressive towards our humans, we will be able to get them in as at least a Bookworm. The temp test will determine the following:

1. Yes: approved for the Butterfly program.

2. Yes: can stay but is going to be in the Bookworm program.

3. No: Due to aggressive toward humans (rare as our humans are really good with dogs, but it has happened a few times in our eight years doing this).

Steps to Get a Spot (if we have one).



Thanks for submitting!

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