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CoolWag Cartoon

Name: Hairy the Wag

Character: He is the coolest, smartest, most well-trained, wise-ass dog in the world. Yet, his failures can be massive.

He is loosely based on a dog named Hairy who regularly comes to CoolWag and other old family dogs of the past. He's a mischievous dog, nick-named “Punk”, that chases cars, will fetch anything thrown, and was once threatened to be shot by a neighbor.

Hairy is a big sports fan with great leaping ability and plays in the DFL (Dog Football League). Although he's a little small to become a pro player, he often teaches the rookies about the physics of the fetch pass.

His humans had him DNA tested and the results came back 42% Irish Terrier, 22% German Shepherd, 18% Toy Poodle, 7% Doberman Pincher, and 11% other types of mutt. In general conversations at the bar with his fellows, he omits the Toy Poodle part.

He is formally trained at the University of CoolWag and now that he has his Doctorate Degree, he passes on his knowledge to the new pups coming to CoolWag.