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Pixie's scouting expedition to Ozark National Forest (West of Route 23)

Lake Fort Smith State Park

This site was a bit of a bummer. There was no swimming in the lake, but they do have a pool. Park is only 1 hour South from Bentonville. Beaver Lake is much bigger, much more to do.

  • Boat rental:

    • Fishing $50

    • Pontoon $250

    • Kayak $20

  • Fish: bass & croppy

  • Camping: 2 lodges

Indian Cave, Locke AR

This site has radiocarbon dated Petroglyphs from A.D. 1195-1495. There are no signs for where to go, but the trail is right where the GPS says it is. Park your car on the opposite side of the street and is an easy walk down.

This area has several archeological digs from over the years, and were discovered in the 1930's.

Not a lot is known about these markings or their creators, but here's a site with more information if you’re interested:

Fern Climbing Area (rock climbing)

You’ll have to take a dirt/gravel road to get to the entrance. It has primitive campsites, but makes up for that with amazing rock structures. We definitely will return to this find! There were about 15 to 20 people there on a Saturday with everyone having a good time!

Shores Lake & Campground:

The site had a few kayakers and the water was a beautiful light green. We will definitely be checking out the area again! Camping was closed when we visited.

White Rock Overlook:

You can see the entire valley from here. It’s a rugged dirt/gravel drive up the mountain. Elevation is only 2200 feet, yet seems taller. Camping site is available as well as a local store and access to Ozark Highland trail.

Phipps Branch Waterfall:

This area was easy to get to. The location has a stream with several elevation drops. I expected it to be dry in early August, but it had a steady flow.

Mulberry Mountain Lodging

This lodging center is the biggest commercial outfitter in the area! They frequently have huge festivals and concerts. Kayak and 4-wheeler Polaris rentals are available here.

Nearby sites Pixie and I have yet to explore:

  • Spirits Creek Falls

  • Rattlesnake Creek Falls

  • Hundred Hidden Falls

  • Frog Bayou Falls

  • Hundred Hidden Falls

  • Devils Canyon Trailhead

  • Mill Creek OHV Trailhead

  • Pig Trail Falls

  • Redding Spyrock loop trailhead

  • Road closed to Grays Spring Recreation Area

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