• Eric Wegner

What does a typical day look like at Coolwag?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

New prospective client asked what does a typical day look like at Coolwag?

Here goes:

Around dawn while the birds chirp outside, the dogs wake up. We greet each dog by name and give them a little praise and pat on the head. The lights are turned on and we let the boarding dogs out for the morning potty break.

Dogs move out in single file and roam the fence line; sniffing the ground until to find the right spot to do their business. Normally, it's totally silent, no barking, no excitement, no play - all business!

We lead the dogs back in and we prepare the breakfast meals. Then we "Load the Rooms." Each dog has their own room for mealtime, no sharing food!

Our frequent visitors know exactly what's happening and are eager to go - Feeding Time. We guide them to a room and give them some praise. Dog feeding time is always a training moment. We ask each dog to sit and give us a glance of eye contact. Then, we pet them and give them time to eat and digest.

While dogs are eating, we do another round of cleaning and sanitizing, and fill the cleaned water bowls and pools to get the yards ready for the day. The Coolwag Dog Amusement Park is about to begin!

The daycare and boarding clients start arriving and are greeted by our Front Lobby person who logs the dog into the computer. Dogs are excited to come in and start playing with their friends and we use this moment as a training opportunity. We ask each dog to Sit at the gate before entering. The Back Lobby person leads the incoming dogs to the proper play groups.

We check the schedule for dog obedience or sport training sessions. We check the bathing schedule for the day.

Then the dog fun begins. These dogs are social creatures and they love to play and run around with other dogs. We separate dogs into playgroups based on size, age and temperament (our industry term that means the confidence level of the dog and their play style). We pay close attention to each dog to ensure they are in the best play group.

Coolwag playgroups include:

1. Bigs: the Great Danes, German Shepard, Labs, Dobermans, Huskys, Cane Corso, etc.

2. Middies (the medium size): Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Doodles, etc.

3. Littles & Pups: Pugs, French Bulldogs, Beagles, Terriers, etc.

4. Tinys: Shih Tzu, Yorkies, Maltese, mini Poodles, etc.