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Why some dogs get diarrhea or even throw up when they board

Below are excellent articles that explain why some dogs get diarrhea or even throw up when they board or when they first get home from boarding. We typically have a few hundred dogs come through our facility during a typical week and about 1-2% break with diarrhea upon arrival. We record every diarrhea and vomit in the dogs profile. As long as it doesn't continue, we chalk it up to the excitement and change in environment and don't alarm anyone.

If it happens more than once, we will contact the owner and if happens more than a couple times, we make arrangements for a Vet visit. There could be a dozen reasons for diarrhea or barfing. We once had a dog who broke into the dog food container when we were not home and gorged himself. He had diarrhea for days! And we had a a trash dog - she would get into our trash cans. What a mess! However, it could be a serious illness or parasites. Please rest assured, we sanitize Coolwag daily and no dogs get into our trash!.

But If your baby gets home and breaks with it, it might be the result of the "stress" of coming home. Stress can just be the body not knowing how to react to the high level of excitement of either joining a group of dogs and playing with them or seeing their family that they have missed. Either way, it is quite common. We have had clients take their dogs to the Vet, run tests and found nothing. Vets call it stress colitis.

What has worked for us is withholding food for 12-24 hours and then feeding a rice/chicken bland diet for a day or so before introducing them back to their regular food. The other thing that has worked for me is a small amount of extra virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil as long as your dog does not have an issue with extra fat, you should contact your veterinary for advice but we have used it on our own dogs and it seems to help settle their stomach in about 12-24 hours they are "over" the upset stomach.

We hope they return to you happy and tired from playing and the excitement of having their friends around. Hopefully nobody will have the runs but if it does occur, bland diet. If it continues, a vet visit is recommended. And please keep us informed.

After Boarding upset stomach:

Stress Colitis info:

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