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Coolwag Diving Dogs

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Coolwag kicked the summer off with the Memorial Day Dock Diving Jump! Dogs of all shapes and sizes competed in several events including the Air Retrieve, Hydro Dash and the Distance Jump. Around twentyfive water-loving dogs participated in the jump in preparation for the regionals.

Talus was one of the dogs that jumped off the dock over the weekend with the guidance of his mom Sherrie Calder.

“He’s getting better,” says Cherri. “He’s very fast so he’s really good at hydro dash."

Caldere explained that dock diving can be just as much of a human sport with how far the trainers throw their toy and also working on eye contact with the dogs.

“Timing is the biggest thing. Trying to get it off at the critical moment is really hard,” says Calder. “I saw they had (a dock) back in Broken Arrow and then we got one down here and I wanted to try it with the boys, and they love it.”

Mary Green explained that her dog Windy is a seven-year-old rescue that needed an outlet for her energy, and dock diving appears to be her calling.

“She is a very active dog,” says Green. “She would tell you the pool is her happy place.”

Windy participated in the hydro dash as well as the distance jump during the Memorial Day Dive.

“She’s been dock diving now for three years and she just keeps getting better and better,” says Green. “It started as an activity that she greatly needed.”

Windy started her diving career at a North America Diving Dog(NADD) mobile dock. Around seven docks travel across North America, allowing dogs to get a feel for the activity.