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Coolwag Weather Guide

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Here at Coolwag, we tend to receive a lot of comments and inquiries regarding extreme weather conditions during the summer and winter months. Rest assured, we have a set of guidelines for when dogs are let out during extreme weather conditions.

Dogs love playing outside, but weather events can occur that require us to bring them indoors. Coolwag uses standard baseball guidelines when extreme weather conditions take place. If there is ever any thunder or lightning, all dogs are required to go inside. After the storm passes, we have them wait 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning, then we resume play!


During the summer, Arkansas can easily experience temperatures well above 90°F. Our decision to go indoors depends on cloud cover, humidity, wind speed, and by having our team closely watch dog’s behaviors. If any of these factors come into play, we will bring them inside where there is AC.

The one of the most important factors we pay attention to during the summer months is your dog’s breed. Longnose dogs can dispel their heat easier, but Shortnose dogs or brachycephalic dogs like Pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and even Boxers can overheat quickly.

Shortnose dogs, as well as older dogs, stay inside longer and go outside for potty breaks and playtime for around 5-15 minutes every hour or two (depending on their activity level inside). Younger and long-nosed dogs also spend more time in the AC than outside when it's above 80 degrees. They come in when they show signs of being a little hot and the go back out when they become very active inside.

Dogs don't sweat like humans to dispel heat, they pant. If you look closely when your dog pants, you can see it’s tongue dripping. All employees are trained to watch for panting and tongues out during the summer months.

Another factor is the dogs' fur. Their fur acts as an insulation layer. Some people think that shaving their dog would help, but it actually does the opposite.

We do use the dogs reaction outside to gauge where they are to some degree, an afternoon with low humidity, some cloud cover, mild wind, and temperatures in the 90s can be comfortable...especially if there's water-play. The dogs know it's sprinkler fun and pool party time! (Not flat-faced or brachycephalic dogs... we are strict with them!).


During the Winter, Arkansas can hit below freezing temperatures. When it snows, we go outside for short periods. Many dogs have never seen snow before and they love it! We rotate dogs inside and out when this happens. Our general rule is 45°F is safe to go outside for a good bout of play for our active dogs but less active or short-coated/colder dogs get potty breaks and get to do their playing inside.

Just like the summer months, fur is a major factor during the winter as well. Dogs with two layers of fur, like Huskies, Labs, and German Shepherds, can be hard to get back inside. Whereas the Great Danes, Boxers, and other single-layer-fur dogs are the first to come in. Also, many pooches will wear little coats on top of their fur ones.

We work hard to keep your pups safe and happy while they are with us, regardless of the weather!

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